Goldfish Flakes

goldfish-food-150-wideLook closely at the Jar…There are 4 (count them – FOUR!) different flakes that comprise our goldfish flake blend.

Some competitors will make one flake and dye the rest to give you the illusion of nutritional variety. We actually make and mix different flakes that are naturally colored by their varied ingredients.

The natural color enhancers will make your goldfish shine!

With minimized fillers in the formula,  proper feeding will not cloud your water. Trust us, we know how much mess a gold fish makes without a junky food. Pisces Goldfish flakes give your omnivourous goldfish enough protein and enough veggies to keep him happy all day long.

Long live your goldfish!

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Min Protein  37%
  • Min. Crude Fat 10%
  • Max. Crude Fiber  3%
  • Max Moisture 10%

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