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Information For Your Pet

Here are some links to helpful information about aquatic pets. We try to include as much information as we can to better help you take care of your pets. Whether you need to know what to feed them or what their preferred habitat is, we are here to help you out.

Turtle Food

Learn fun facts, whether a turtle is right for you, how to care for your turtle, and so much more with this article. Moreover we break turtle care down into simple easy to do steps with this article, so you can focus on fun.

Turtle Food Jar Spill Close by Pisces Pros

Hermit Crab Food

In this article we will tell you what hermit crabs eat, what kind of habitats hermit crabs prefer to live in, and much more. Here we will recommend awesome products for hermit crabs and tell you what you need to keep in mind when you are shopping for you hermit crab.

Awesome Hermit Crab by Pisces Pros

Betta Fish Food

If you have ever had a hard time caring for your betta fish, or if your betta is doing something strange perhaps this article will help. Here we go over a quick history of the betta fish, along with tips and tricks to help you out.

Spilled Betta Food by Pisces Pros

Spirulina Fish Food

What is spirulina and what fish should eat it? This article will tell you exactly that and more. We go over the basics of using spirulina with your pets, and how they will benefit.

Spirulina Spilled Over

Bulk Fish Food

We will let you know how to tell if you bulk fish food is good quality. Furthermore we also go over what fish foods you should buy in bulk and where you can find them.


Are You A Visual Learner?

No problem we have a bunch of videos to help you take care of your aquatic pet! Check out the videos below for expert advice on different aquatic animals.

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