Betta Fish Food

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A 1 oz. jar of goodness for your Betta!

Many other Betta fish food products are large and hard for Betta fish to swallow, but ours are the perfect size. These bite-size balls may be a bit more expensive to manufacture, but we don’t pass that cost on to you!

Here’s all the technical info so you know your Betta is getting the best possible food on the market:

  • 1mm Floating Pellet.
  • High in protein for the high metabolisms that bettas have.
  •  More of Pisces’ betta food is converted into energy by the beta resulting in cleaner water and less clean up.
  • Our custom formula elicits a quick feeding response that will have your beta coming up to the water’s surface everytime.
  • Added natural vitamins and minerals make Pisces beta food a complete nutritional diet.
  • Natural color enhancers have been added to brighten up your betta.
  • The dark green pellets in Pisces’ beta has color you can see! With no dyes added . Most different colored fish food is all one formula but it is then dyed to give the appearance of varied nutrition.
  • Pisces beta food has separate formulas for  the different colored pellets they are then mixed to give the varied nutrition

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Min Protein 42% (by the way, this is higher than most others on the market, and it’s super-important for your Betta!)
  • Min. Crude Fat 6%
  • Max. Crude Fiber  2%
  • Max Moisture 10%

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