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Check out some of our “Pisces Pros Mastered” products. Meaning when we absorbed HBH we gained many of their recipes. We wanted to optimize every recipe as much as possible to give our customers the greatest possible quality for an amazing value. Therefore we have put in the effort to research our recipes to ensure your pet is provided with maximum benefits.

Spirulina Fish Food

Super Soft Spirulina

Made with high quality Spirulina, your fish will keep coming back for more! Our Super Soft Spirulina is a great source of nutrients for fish of all kinds.

Goldfish Food by Pisces Pros

Goldfish Flake

Our premium Goldfish Food is packed with nutrients to maintain beautiful color, strong immune system and a happy attitude.

Hermit Crab Food By Pisces Pros

Hermit Crab

Our hermit crab food is made with high nutrient ingredients guaranteed to leave your hermit crab crawling for more!

Flake Frenzy

Cichlid Flakes

Did we mention high quality? Our Cichlid Flake Frenzy is the "Creme De La Creme" of nutrients and reliability in top level ingredients we guarantee it!

Frog Food and Tadpole Bites by Pisces Pros

Frog &

Formulated to be easily digestable. Our Frog & Tadpole Bites will make your frog the "hoppiest" it's ever been!

7oz Veggie8 Fish Food by Pisces Pros

Veggie Fish

Is your fish a vegetarian? Don't worry we have you covered. Our 8 Veggie Flakes are made with vegetables so delicious it will make you jealous.

Pisces Pros Shrimp Pellets


Your bottom feeder needs more than what's just laying around. Give them something hardy and natural with flavors they'll love.

Oscar Fish Food by Pisces Pros

Oscar Bites

Your Oscar fish will love these bites. We've specially formulated this recipe to give any Oscar bright colors and a lively energy!

Betta Fish Food by Pisces Pros

Betta Fish

Optimized to promote health, our Betta Fish Food is as good as it gets. We've put in the time to give your Betta the best ingredients you can find on the market!

Large Turtle Food by Pisces Pros

Turtle Bites

Our turtle food has been optimized in every aspect, even size! Packed with nutrients and great flavor. Your turtle will love it!

Hermit Crab Soaking Salt by Pisces Pros

Hermit Crab

Your hermit crab loves you but they can't get over their first love, the Ocean. Adding salt to ther tank will help them cope.

Cichlid Pellet Food 4.27 oz

Cichlid Pellets

Is your cichlid a little more predatorial? Well, you found the perfect food. Loaded with nutrients, our African Cichlid Attack will have your cichlid striking faster than ever!

Newt &

We've double and triple checked our recipe to ensure our Newt & Salamander Bites are easily digestible.

Tropical Fish Food by Pisces Pros

Tropical Fish Flakes

From the tropics to your living room is quite the adjustment. Making sure your tropical fish gets all the nutrients it needs.

Crab And Lobster Food by Pisces Pros

Crab & Lobster Food

Give your crab or lobster a "pinch" of this and they'll never want anything else. Packed with nutrition, why not spoil your pet with something healthy?

Phosphate filter for fish tank by Pisces Pros


Just fish food? That's boring, we've started venturing into territory we think needs help.