AMMONIA Pure2o Cut-to-Fit Filter



NOTE: It is critical to remove aquarium waste before it can deteriorate into toxic chemicals like ammonia, nitrates,  nitrites and other toxins.

PURE2O™  Ammonia Filter Pads can be cut to fit virtually any filter application, including:

  • Hanging Filters
  • Pond Filters
  •  Trickle Filters
  • Wet/Dry Filters
  • Drip Trays
  • Canister Filters
  • Powerhead Attachments
  • other mechanical filter applications

PURE2O™  cut-to-fit Ammonia Filter Pads are ideal in controlling ammonia levels. Ammonia levels can quickly get out of hand and become toxic to fish and invertebrates when setting up a new tank or adding additional fish.

PURE2O™  cut-to-fit Ammonia Filter Pads are made from a long-lasting polyfiber material that has been impregnated with an ammonia grabbing resin to drastically reduce aquarium ammonia.

Directions: Determine the desired dimensions by either measuring the existing filter or by placing an old filter pad on top of the new PURE2O™  filter pad. Carefully cut the new pad to the same size.

For best results, change pad regularly and test ammonia levels regularly.

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