Choosing Spirulina Fish Food for Your Aquarium

Who Benefits

Do you have an aquarium full of veggie eaters? If so, choosing the right spirulina fish food is important! But why should you buy spirulina fish food? And what is spirulina anyway?

What is Spirulina Algae?

Spirulina is a planktonic algae found naturally in volcanic lakes, most commonly in Africa, Asia, South America, and Central America. These lakes are filled with the compounds spirulina algae need to grow, namely salt, iron, potassium phosphate, potassium nitrate, and sodium bicarbonate. However, it does not require a carbon source or living energy to make its own food.

Spirulina gets its name from its spiral structure, though you have to look through a microscope to tell it looks that way. To the naked eye, spirulina algae looks like dark-green seaweed grass or something you would find on the bottom of a river.Fish Food Spirulina Farm

Despite its strange appearance, spirulina makes a nutritious food source. It is filled with beta-carotene, Vitamin B12, and protein—which makes up between 60 and 70 percent of the plant. The protein in spirulina is even a complete protein, usually difficult to find in plants. It also has 62% amino acid content.

The nutrients in spirulina are necessary for the diets of humans as much as fish. History shows the Aztecs harvested spirulina as a food source up until the 16th century. They knew it helped to keep them healthy and strong, plus they had a convenient lake to grow it in.

Today, spirulina is farmed around the world for humans and fish.

Why is choosing Spirulina Good for Fish?

Spirulina StrandSpirulina is good for fish for many of the same reasons it is good for humans. It offers full proteins even though it comes from a plant—one of the few plants to do so. It can also boost fish immune systems to fight off diseases and bacteria before they start problems with your fish. In fact, there are lower rates of disease in spirulina-fed fish, meaning your fish can live longer, healthier lives.

Many fish owners like spirulina fish food flakes because they help to keep the colors of your fish bright and stunning, particularly with koi, gold fish, betta fish, and tropheus cichlids though it works for many other fish, too.

It has also been known to help digestion, and is easily digested by older or weak fish compared to other fish foods with soy or meat bases.

Fun Spirulina Facts

Spirulina has been around for a while, making for an interesting history. These fun facts show off why it’s so cool.

  • Spirulina’s most recognizable claim to fame in the animal world is as the food of flamingos. Three types of flamingos live off the spirulina algae growing in the lakes where they live and breed. The high beta-carotene content in the spirulina keeps their feathers pink (and sometimes orange).
  • Spirulina contains seven major vitamins—A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, and E.
  • NASA and the European Space Agency both proposed spirulina as one of the primary foods to be cultivated during long-term space missions.
  • Approximately 11,000 tons of spirulina algae are produced annually in the world. The United States is the top producer followed by Thailand, India, and China. Though spirulina algae is primarily a fish food in the commercial market, it does have a strong following in the health food industry.

Where to Buy Spirulina Fish Food


Spirulina fish foods like Spirulina Fish Food Flake Frenzy and other HBH products are the best spirulina fish food options for your pet. Spirulina fish food flakes are available from Pisces Pros for great prices. You can find bulk spirulina fish food or wholesale spirulina fish food, as well as individual containers depending on your need.

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How to Feed Fish Spirulina Fish Food

1.Find the right food: If you are interested in finding a healthy, vegetarian food source for your fish, look for a flake that uses spirulina as a primary ingredient. HBH spirulina fish food flakes like HBH Veggie Flakes are good for veggie eaters and are made with spirulina to help your fish stay happy.

2.Feed your fish: All you have to do is sprinkle a few pinches (or more depending on your number of fish and size of your tank) and watch as the HBH spirulina fish food gets gobbled up.

3.Consider your options: There is no other spirulina fish food list because you can’t buy any other organism that contains spirulina. It is the only source. You can, however, do something called bug stuffing. Even carnivorous fish benefit from spirulina—fill or feed bugs with spirulina before feeding the bugs to your fish. This recreates nutritional situations like what they would get in the wild when eating plant-eaters.


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