Hermit Crab Soaking Salt


Sea Salt For Crabs

With Extra Calcium

Hermit crabs inhabit both inland and ocean side environments. Most hermit crabs require a salt bath to thrive and maintain their health. Keep your hermit crab healthy and happy by placing a sea salt bath inside their tank. Furthermore providing a source of sea salt will help accommodate their need for an ocean side environment.

  • For Soaking & Bathing
  • Essential For Maintaining Optimal Health
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  • For Soaking And Bathing

Our proprietary Crab Salt contains extra calcium which strengthens the exoskeleton and is especially important when molting. Your hermit crab will soak in the salt bath and collect an additional supply of salt in their shell that they then carry with them.

Instructions: Measure 1 cup of purified water and add 1 tsp. of hermit crab salt. Stir until dissolved. If using chlorinated water, treat first to de-chlorinate. For larger crab population, change salt daily. For small crab populations, change every 2–3 days, or as needed. When food or other contamination is present, clean the bath and replace the soaking solution. Do not let the soaking salt water dry out.


Ingredients: Sea salt, carbonate.

*water containers should allow for easy access in and out of the dish for your hermit crab

What Does Hermit Crab Soaking Salt Do?

Much like most animals, hermit crabs love to be clean. They use soaking salt when getting ready to molt, and to stay clean.

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