Why Quality Bulk Fish Food Matters

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When it comes to keeping their pets strong and healthy, most owners will do whatever it takes. Whether that means buying bulk fish food or taking their dogs on daily walks. Fish especially need to be well taken care of if you want them to live long, healthy lives.

Fish are quite a common household pet. In fact, 14.3 million households own freshwater fish in the U.S. and 1.8 million households own saltwater fish in the U.S. While dogs and cats remain the most popular pets in the U.S., 2012 did see an increase in ownership of freshwater fish.

Although fish don’t need to be taken on walks like dogs do, they do need to be fed quality fish food, like HBH fish food. Your fish food needs to be high nutrition fish food. In other words, it needs to provide the fish with fat and amino acids so they can have adequate amounts of energy and protein.

Whether you usually buy tropical fish food, Goldfish bites, or Oscar fish food, be sure that it is easily and speedily digested to prevent renal failure, infections (like swim bladder problems and dropsy), intestinal gas build up,  and aquarium pollution due to too much ammonia.

If you’re wondering what nutrients are essential when it comes to your Betta fish food or sinking pellet fish food, take at look at the following bullet points:

  • Amino acids. Amino acids are the basic components of proteins, and proteins are essential in providing structure to cells and producing energy.
  • Fatty acids. Fatty acids are the main source of energy in fish, especially for the heart and skeletal muscles. These types of fats also help vitamins A, D, E, and K be digested, absorbed, and transported.
  • Most of the carbohydrates that are put into fish food come from plants and are sources of the enzyme amylase. They are not necessarily a better source of energy over protein, but digestible carbohydrates allow the proteins to focus more on tissue building.

How to Tell if Your Fish Food is High Quality

Now that you understand the importance of buying fish food that’s high in nutrients, whether it’s wholesale fish food or bulk Goldfish food, how will you know if the food you’re about to buy is high quality? It’s all in the ingredients. Here is a list of ingredients you should be looking for in your fish food:

  • Fish meal. Fish meal is an excellent source of protein. It’s either produced from fishery wastes that coincide with fish processing for human consumption, or from specific fish like herring, menhaden, and pollack.
  • Shrimp meal. Shrimp meal is made from cull shrimp that are being processed before freezing or from whole shrimp that can’t be eaten by humans. It’s a secondary source of protein for fish, and it also provides color-enhancing pigments that make the fish look brighter.
  • Squid meal. Made from squid viscera portions from cannery plants, squid meal is a highly digestible protein source for fish. It provides a wide range of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and cholesterol.
  • Brine shrimp. Brine shrimp are available in adult form as eggs or freeze-dried. It’s a source of protein and carotene, and it helps with fish digestive systems by acting as a natural laxative.
  • Soybean meal. Soybean meal is a source of high protein for fish, and it has actually become a substitute for commonly used marine animal meals.
  • Spirulina is a plankton-rich, blue-green plant made of raw protein and a wide variety of vitamins, beta-carotene, minerals, fatty acids, color-enhancing pigments, and amino acids.
  • Whole wheat. Although it’s not the best source of energy for fish, whole wheat is an excellent source of dietary fiber for fish like Goldfish and Koi. It is also a natural source of vitamin E, which helps with growth and coloration.

Keep an eye out for these key ingredients the next time you’re purchasing food for your fish. Not every ingredient has to be present, but it’s best if at least a few of these are mentioned right at the top of the ingredient list.

Types of Fish Food You Should Be Buying

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to find fish food that’s rich in nutrients and that has the key ingredients listed in the previous section, don’t fret. Here are some examples of HBH products that you can count on being high quality and nutritious:

  • Betta Bites. HBH Betta Bites are color-enhancing micro pellets that help keep your betta healthy and colorful as it grows.
  • Veggie Flakes. Do your fish prefer flakes to pellets? Don’t worry. Veggie flakes are packed with the nutrients your fish will need to live a long life.
  • Cichlid Flakes. Give your cichlid a treat by buying this healthy (and tasty) African cichlid fish food that is made specifically for this type of fish.
  • Goldfish flakes. Your Goldfish will go into a fish food flake frenzy as soon as you sprinkle a few high-nutrient Goldfish flakes in their tank.
  • Tropical flakes. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to buy for your tropical fish. With these tropical flakes loaded with wheat germ, you’ll no longer have to worry whether your fish are feeling healthy and at home.
  • African Cichlid sinking pellet. Let your beautiful cichlid get its nutrients through a pellet rather than flakes. It isn’t any less or more nutritious for your fish, but it may be the way your fish prefers to get its nutrients.

Once you find the type of fish food that your fish like, you may want to consider buying fish food in bulk. By stocking up on bulk fish food flakes or bulk fish food pellets, you won’t have to keep making trips to the pet store. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that your fish will never go hungry because you ran out of fish food.

If you’re wondering where to buy fish food in bulk, you’ve come to the right place. Pisces Pros has all the fish food in bulk you will ever need.

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